Online School Management System

Online School Management System::School management software that we have developed mainly to use in schools as a student information system. The software is a multitasking tool that helps in managing all important tasks related to school management. At the same time, this will help developing a communication system between the teachers, the students and the parents as well. Following are the Modules:
? Attendance
? Marksheet
? Fees Collection
? Time Table
? Reports
Teachers, staffs, students, parents and the administrating body can make use of this software together to gain access to relevant data anytime it is required.Using the software, it will be easier for the teachers to keep records how students are performing daily basis and in exams. Analyzing this data, they can scale the academic growth of the students in overall and in particular as well. Not only teachers, but parents also can make use of this information system to discuss with teachers on child performance issue and to keep monitoring overall performance of the kid.It is also provide the SMS option of students by sending the message to their parents.It also provide the attendance there is no need to take attendance manualy.


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